Audit & Assurance
We are ready provide the services of audit & assurance
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Consulting & Business Services
We offer expertise service to client that will be done by our professional specialist
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Corporate Finance Services
Our team has the necessary skills and experience across a broad range of sectors to provide objective and specialist corporate advice and assist clients to create and extract value.
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Tax & Accounting Services
Ur Team will ready to discuss their taxation and accountancy to solve clients problems
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KAP HERTANTO, GRACE, KARUNAWAN (HGK) is an independent member firm of TIAG International. We have supported by competent and professional expertise. Our location is in Jakarta, we provide audit and assurance services, business consulting to government, public and private institutions.
An Independent Member Firm of TIAG - A Worldwide Alliance of Independent Accounting Firms
Anggota Independen dari TIAG International
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Industry Sectors

Agriculture Plantation and Fishery
Indonesia as a maritime and agricultural countrygive an advantages for the industry in this field. The products resulting from this business has a wide segment area, and provide more complex challenge. Some rules related industries will greatly affect the viability of the company"s business.
With our experienced in agricultural, plantation and fishery business, you will feelourenthusiasmand our commitmenttohelp youidentify problemsand find solutionsto achieve corporate objectives.
Mining and Excavation
HGK is provider of professional services to the resources sector and has been experienced in energy, utilities and mining companies.
The chemical industry refers to the industry involved in production of chemicals.
Food and Drink
The increasing business activitie saffectsociety lifestyle.
Textile and Garment
Now a days, textile and garment technology has developed very fast
Publishing, Printing, Media, & Broadcast
Media positionin the map ofthe mass communication becomes important whenfaced with the fact that the media has the function ofinformative, educative function, entertainment functions and functions that affect.
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Latest News

Selamat BergabungSelamat Bergabung
Selamat Bergabung Ibu Retno Satyarini, kini telah bergabung dengan KAP Hertanto, Grace, Karunawan sebagai Signing Partner. Beliau lahir di jakarta pada tanggal 27 mei 1966 dan telah berpengalaman dalam audit selama lebih dari 30 tahun.
Berita DukaBerita Duka

Telah meninggal dunia
Bp. Yohanes Maria Vianey Harja See,

Partner KAP Hertanto, Grace, Karunawan
pada hari Jum’at tanggal 2 Juli 2021 pukul 22.20 di ICU Carolus. Dalam usia 51 Tahun.
Office Location
PALMA TOWER, 18th Floor Lot F&G
Jl. RA Kartini II-S Kav.06
TB Simatupang, Jakarta Selatan 12310
Email : info@hgkfirm.com
Phone : 021-75930431
Fax : 021-75930434
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